Monday, November 12, 2007

gimme more

It's Britney BitchI see you n i jus wanna dance with youEverytime they turn the lights downJust wanna go that extra mile for youDisplay of affectionFeels like no one else in the room[Bridge]:We can get down like theres no one aroundWe keep on rockin', we keep on rockin'Cameras are flashin my way, dirty dancerThey keep watchin, keep watchin'Feels like the privacy[Chorus]:Gimme Gimme moreGimme moreGimme gimme more (repeat 4)Centre of attention, even when your up against the wallYou got me in a crazy position (uh huh)If your on a mission (ooh)You got my permission ooohhh[Bridge][Chorus](repeat 4)(spoken)I just can't control myself, moreThey wan't more? Well i'll give them more[Chorus](repeat 4)Gimme more gimme moreGimme more gimme more babeI just want moreGimme gimme gimme gimme gimme (repeat 4)

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