Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy 26th birthday !!

salam everyone.

5 may ! again ! i cant believe that we are still together having fun and enjoy the day u were born to the world. 
this wud be the time celebrating ur birthday. in this 3 successive years, its cannt be denied that ur 26th birthday celebration wud be the best party ever.

as a fren, sista, gud gurlfren,nenek,anak, teman gaduh. i pray for ur best. may Allah shower u with love and bless. Keep on hoping that u will get better life hereafter.

just to make sure that our memory on 5 May will never be deleted from my life,i like to share with u that:

.its was so funny  when u "campak" the birthday present as u mistakenly believe that it was baju kotor of mine.Then when i tell u the truth. nope. its not a clothing worn.u take it with a big smile :))
AHAAHAHA tp excited sgt kamooo dgn gift tu yer.

ouh yea. its totally a great story of 26th birthday when we enjoyed froyo at fruitty tutti kan! huh best sangat2. harga meletop tapi makan berbaloi lah kan!

erm... not enough with that dear, when we went to lanun grill station with ur frens. we shared the same plate of chicken plus lamb chop.its totally an amazing birthday celebration ever! 

tapi,. ayg mcm dissappointed skit sbb dah kantoi pasal cheesetart tu kan. tapi at least i do the best with regard to the hadiah  kan. abg looked sooooo shocked,teruja, gumbira habis.trus pakai kan.

Dear, i wish u again, happy 26th birthday. 

the only photo taken by fren of u. fuza.

 p/s : bila pandang bintang dilangit jgn lupa rumput yang dipijak

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Firdani said...

happy birthday to ur bf =)